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Press & Comms Press and communications +421 2 33014280 The PR and Comms Department is responsible for the external communication of NUE with the media and individual journalists through replies to journalistic questions, press releases, and official opinions of NUE, as well as press conferences. You can send your journalistic questions to:
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Employers and employees are in the same boat - unless they keep up with the digital age, they will have to face hard times

Employers of associations in the National Union of Employers (NUE) met with representatives of trade unions, government representatives, and members of the European Parliament. Together, they discussed not only the current state of Slovakia's digital competitiveness but also the real possibilities of fulfilling the framework agreement of the European social partners in the field of digitization. That the world is in the process of the fourth Industrial Revolution is an indisputable fact. The changes that these industrial revolutions have brought so far have had a radical impact on employees. A large part of the jobs has disappeared, but an even larger part has been created and others have undergone a significant change in qualification requirements.

Employers are demanding more effective tools for controlling employees

Employers of the NUE demand more effective tools to control the vaccination of their employees. Companies also lack an evaluation of the anti-pandemic measures from the first two waves of the pandemic and, on that basis, a comprehensive strategy to combat the pandemic.

An event that finally provokes a response: the debate on higher education reform is advancing, employers are making concrete proposals to improve the quality of higher education

#press news
The amendment to the Act on Higher Education (Colleges and Universities), introduced by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sports (MŠVVaŠ) SR, triggered an avalanche of emotions on the part of academia and finally activated a society-wide debate on and job-ready graduates. While the academic community has been focusing on petitions and organizing protests against the proposed changes in recent weeks, employers and associations in the National Union of Employers (NUE) want to contribute constructively to the discussion - they are coming up with concrete proposals on how to move Slovak higher education forward and bring it closer to the quality level of advanced countries.

Declaration on Fit for 55 package

#press news
We, as the representatives of the industry and employers’ associations of the Central and Eastern European region, acknowledge the objectives of the EU Green Deal and its “Fit for 55” update and are ready to contribute responsibly to the EU climate neutrality target by 2050. Such profound transformation, however, is an unprecedented technological and economic challenge, requiring enormous capital spending on research and development, rethinking of production processes, and deploying breakthrough technologies to deliver substantial emission reductions.


WorkTransitionCEE project is launching a dedicated website

Joint declaration of employers in support of vaccination

We, the employers who create job opportunities throughout Slovakia, express our full support to the health professionals in the hospitals in the covid wards. We highly value their extremely demanding work and continuous commitment in difficult conditions in order to save the health and lives of many of our colleagues.

Decision in favor of the competitiveness of the domestic energy-intensive industry: employers welcome the increase in resources from the Environmental Fund

#press news
At the end of last year, the Minister of the Environment, Ján Budaj, announced that the contributions from the Envirofond for Slovak industry would increase from the original three to eleven million euros. Employers of associations in the Republican Union of Employers (RÚZ) welcome this decision and consider it a good step that will help maintain the competitiveness of the Slovak energy industry.

Employers are preparing for the start of the omicron: there is a risk of the staffing shortage

#press news
According to experts, the massive expansion of the omicron may cause a sudden loss of tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of employees in various sectors of the economy as early as the end of January. Employers of associations in the National Union of Employers (NUE) warn that the loss of employees in companies can be massive, in this regard, they have several requirements for the government.

Industry 4.0: The revolution has begun, the disappearance or change of thousands of jobs is approaching, NUE presents a rescue plan

As many as 65 percent of today's elementary school students will take up jobs in the future that do not yet exist. In the context of Industry 4.0, Slovakia is one of the most vulnerable OECD countries - up to two out of three jobs will soon be threatened here as a result of the Industrial Revolution. The changes that will occur in the coming years will have a radical impact on the Slovak labor market. The number of people of working age will drop significantly, the problem will be significant aging of the population and brain drain abroad. In what directions will the occupations and jobs change? What skills do people have to acquire in order not to lose their careers? The answers to these questions are provided by the strategic document Job 4.0 from the NUE experts.

Social dialogue is stuck during pandemic stale-less high-quality legislation is the result

#social dialogue
While Slovakia is struggling with fundamental health and social challenge in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic, attention is paid in particular to the effectiveness of government measures to help overcome it. However, the negative impacts on employers and employees - which these extraordinary measures often have - remain a somewhat overlooked aspect. Employers, associations in The National Union of Employers (NUE), points out that, in addition to efforts to overcome the pandemic, it is also crucial that business opportunities and individual jobs are maintained – which is precisely what will ensure the stability of the economy even after the loosening of anti-epidemic measures.

What does the future hold for the industry in a climate-neutral Europe?

#press news
Green sustainability versus functionality and competitiveness of European and Slovak industry. The ambitions of the European Commission (EC) in the field of green transformation versus their actual feasibility in practice. How to ensure that the European Union's (EU) strategic objectives are met without adverse effects on the Member States of the Union and the industries of the economies?