The most important employers' organization with a long tradition, professional experience and fair values - this is the National Union of Employers.

We have been stable partner and the voice of Slovak employers for more than seventeen years. Our members are the smallest companies with long-term employees, but also the largest industrial players in the country, which work hundreds of thousands of jobs. The National Union brings together and represents employers from all sectors of the economy, including industry, construction, energy, trade, services, tourism, banking and insurance, the IT sector and pharmacy. Since 2004, we have been protecting the interests and business rights of our members. We are respected by the members of the tripartite - Economic and Social Council of the Slovak Republic, thanks to which we participate in the creation of all fundamental laws in the field of labor law, social, tax and wage. In dialogue with the government, we promote measures in favor of a favorable business environment based on the principles of legislative predictability and equal opportunities for all.

We actively monitor the entire legislative process and comment on proposals at all stages of preparation, focusing primarily on the economic, social, educational and environmental policies of the state, agriculture and science and research. NUE experts are members of working groups and expert commissions of the National Council of the Slovak Republic, individual ministries and other central state administration bodies. We have also successfully established ourselves at the international level - we participate in activities that are most important among international employers' organizations and working bodies of European Union institutions such as BusinessEurope or Business at OECD. Our partners are several business organizations, domestic and foreign chambers of commerce, industry associations, research institutes and other professional institutions.

NUE also cooperates on several domestic and international projects in the areas of dual education, technological development and modernization, industrial transformation, but also the active aging of employees in order to improve the business environment in Slovakia.

What are we working on?

Letter to Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, in connection with the ongoing crisis in the energy sector and its impact on Slovak businesses.

#energy crisis
The president of the National Union of Employers (NUE) sent a Letter to Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, in connection with the ongoing crisis in the energy sector and its impact on Slovak businesses. Ahead of the Informal meeting of heads of state or government in Prague, the letter has also been shared with the European Commission and Slovak Prime minister ahead of the European Council of Heads of States and Governments in Prague.

Deputies of Smer-SD are liquidating jobs - the changes they are promoting are the exact opposite of social policy

Employers associated in the National Union of Employers (NUE) criticize the amendment to the Labor Code from the workshop of the opposition Smer-SD. They point out that the parliamentary proposal directly threatens overall employment in Slovakia and in practice may negatively affect thousands of jobs across individual sectors of the economy. Employers publicly inform the deputies that submitting such a proposal in times of crisis, without any justification or discussion, is a highly irresponsible gamble with the entire economy and human lives.
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