In which sectors we operate and what did we achieve?
We save tens of millions of euros a year for entrepreneurs in Slovakia. In 2020 alone, our experts commented on more than six hundred laws - thanks to which they have already saved companies more than eight million euros in spending on occupational health services.
Through engineering and metallurgical factories, our members together create more than thirty-two thousand jobs throughout Slovakia.
More than half of Slovakia's total transport capacity, including international and domestic road transport, is covered by our members through their companies operating in the field of transport.
The HORECA segment created approximately one hundred and sixty thousand jobs before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, which represents approximately 7 and a half percent of total employment in Slovakia. Ninety percent of these jobs are created by micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.
Almost thirty years of experience in the real estate market and a community of hundreds of professionals with backgrounds not only in Slovakia but also across Europe and the United States. This is the contribution from our members from the real estate market.
Young people dream of being paid for their time at the computer. Not a problem! More than thirty thousand IT workers are currently employed by our members - not only in Slovakia but also abroad.
Thanks to our members, you can light, heat up, and cook in your homes and workplaces for almost 100 years. Energy employers, associated in the NUE, are among the largest suppliers of electricity and gas in Slovakia. Millions of customers rely on their services every day.
More than three million Slovaks are currently connected to the fixed internet. Almost seven million users and more than a million devices in our country already have their own SIM card. The largest players in the field of telecommunications technologies at the national and international level are the members of NUE.
478,000 hectares - this is the area currently being farmed by almost sixty small and large farmers associated with NUE. Thanks to our groceries, you have fresh yogurts, milk, or coffee on the table every day.
More than 99% of the banking sector belongs to NUE. We represent not only traditional commercial banks and insurance companies but also financial advisors and brokers.
Members of NUE cover more than a hundred companies from the wood processing industry. They develop several pro-export activities and work with renewable sources of raw materials, so their activities do not pollute the environment.
The construction industry sector accounts for more than nine percent of Slovak GDP. It includes two hundred and thirty-eight thousand working people, more than half of whom are employees in construction companies and factories.
„Smart Industry“, artificial intelligence, robotics, IoT, digitization, innovative startups, but also Industry 4.0 or patents and new inventions. This is not a description of the latest sci-fi movie. We bring together key players in the field of science and research, who bring innovations to the Slovak and European industries, therefore co-creating the future of us all.
We connect secondary vocational school students with employers and have been increasing their employability for more than six years. Thousands of Slovak employers are involved in the dual education program - more than eight thousand students work for them in total.
Traditions are linked to our values - employers in the field of services and crafts associated in the NUE, promote those that benefit the whole society. At the same time, they focus mainly on the support of education and training, culture and sports, or the protection of the environment. They attach special importance to projects and activities focused on the needs of various social groups, adults, and young people.
Employers who operate in the trade sector and are also members of NUE have jointly invested more than six billion euros in Slovakia. In addition, hundreds of millions more are paid into the state budget each year.
Countless book titles and bestsellers, popular national and regional periodicals, as well as printers, photography equipment, and the education and training of young polygraphers - all of this is dealt with by our members in the field of printing.
The global coronavirus pandemic has confirmed that healthcare is a „team game“ of thousands of doctors, nurses, researchers, hospital and social service management, pharmacists, and drug distributors. The NUE represents more than thirty-two social service providers, who together provide assistance to almost fourteen and a half thousand dependent people. At the same time, our pharmacy members ensure that medicines for patients are available in pharmacies at all times.
Ecology, environmental protection, and sustainability are not neglected by employers. The members of NUE also work in the field of waste management, which they co-finance from their resources and actively participate in streamlining the system of separate collection, recovery, and recycling throughout Slovakia. Thanks to our members, towns and villages are becoming a little greener again.
What are we working on?

Guidelines for the employment of Ukrainian citizens in Slovakia

NUE brings you, in connection with the declared state of war in Ukraine, an overview of key rules and obligations and the procedure for employing the Ukrainian citizens in Slovakia. We also bring you more detailed information about Act no. 480/2002 on asylum, according to which the government decided to provide so-called temporary refuge to Ukrainian refugees.

We need cohesion policy today more than ever

The eighth annual Cohesion Forum is currently taking place in Brussels. The top government officials of the Member States, representatives of the European institutions, academia, but also economic and social partners from all over Europe - thousands of people gathered at this event for the sole purpose of openly discussing the challenges facing the European Union (EU). and the possibilities for close cooperation between the individual states of the Union.

Skills for the future of a competitive job market in Slovakia

The world is in the process of the Fourth Industrial Revolution - that is an indisputable fact. These industrial revolutions have brought so far have had a radical impact on employees. Many jobs have disappeared, but an even more significant amount has been created, and others have undergone a substantial change in qualification requirements. Experience shows that the industrial revolution is not a "scarecrow"; more jobs have been created than lost, but at the same time, what has been done to the full and only in favor of those who were ready for its arrival. Employers have had to keep up with the times to survive and remain competitive, while employees have faced more detailed information about their skills and mastered new working practices.
What is going on?

Is our food and trade industry able to use the benefits of digitization as a advantage?

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The development of digitization and automation is significantly changing the functioning of most economic sectors. At the same time, it sets new requirements for the skills of employees. The question of success in the process of digital transformation is the degree of readiness of all of us - businesses, households and the state. The current challenges facing Slovakia in this area and the possibilities of deepening the government's closer cooperation with the social partners were the subject of today's interactive workshop of the National Union of Employers (NUE).

The rule of law, direct communication and more effective cooperation of the government with the social partners - extraordinary tripartite negotiations brought several promises of the Prime Minister

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The circumvention of the ordinary legislative process and the adoption of key laws behind closed doors should not be repeated - this is the conclusion of an extraordinary tripartite meeting with Prime Minister Eduard Heger. Employers of associations in the National Union of Employers (NUE) welcome the Prime Minister's efforts to streamline cooperation and fully support his intention to actively participate in the negotiations of the Economic and Social Council of the Slovak Republic.

Employers' meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs

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Development of the war in Ukraine, the sixth sanctions package of the European Union, cutting off Slovakia and domestic companies from Russian oil, energy, the rule of law, and possible risks that threaten individual member states in connection with the escalation of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict - those were the main topics of today's joint meeting between employers of NUE and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivan Korčok.