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Employers and employees are in the same boat - unless they keep up with the digital age, they will have to face hard times

Employers of associations in the National Union of Employers (NUE) met with representatives of trade unions, government representatives, and members of the European Parliament. Together, they discussed not only the current state of Slovakia's digital competitiveness but also the real possibilities of fulfilling the framework agreement of the European social partners in the field of digitization. That the world is in the process of the fourth Industrial Revolution is an indisputable fact. The changes that these industrial revolutions have brought so far have had a radical impact on employees. A large part of the jobs has disappeared, but an even larger part has been created and others have undergone a significant change in qualification requirements.

Employers are demanding more effective tools for controlling employees

Employers of the NUE demand more effective tools to control the vaccination of their employees. Companies also lack an evaluation of the anti-pandemic measures from the first two waves of the pandemic and, on that basis, a comprehensive strategy to combat the pandemic.

An event that finally provokes a response: the debate on higher education reform is advancing, employers are making concrete proposals to improve the quality of higher education

The amendment to the Act on Higher Education (Colleges and Universities), introduced by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sports (MŠVVaŠ) SR, triggered an avalanche of emotions on the part of academia and finally activated a society-wide debate on and job-ready graduates. While the academic community has been focusing on petitions and organizing protests against the proposed changes in recent weeks, employers and associations in the National Union of Employers (NUE) want to contribute constructively to the discussion - they are coming up with concrete proposals on how to move Slovak higher education forward and bring it closer to the quality level of advanced countries.

Joint declaration of employers in support of vaccination

We, the employers who create job opportunities throughout Slovakia, express our full support to the health professionals in the hospitals in the covid wards. We highly value their extremely demanding work and continuous commitment in difficult conditions in order to save the health and lives of many of our colleagues.


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